Case Study: Keeping a Hospital’s Surgical Operations on Track

A prominent Tampa-based hospital faced a dire situation when their HVAC unit, essential for the operation of six surgical rooms, malfunctioned. With a prolonged lead time of 3-6 months for replacement parts, waiting was not an option. The hospital was not only experiencing a critical strain on patient care, but also a significant financial setback.

In response, our team swiftly delivered a 250-ton HVAC system, tapping into the existing infrastructure, running hoses to the roof, and orchestrating a seamless installation process. Our quick response allowed the hospital to resume surgical operations within 48 hours.

Case Study: Preventing Crisis in a St. Petersburg High-Rise

During the height of summer, a St. Petersburg high-rise faced a critical situation when one of its closed-loop HVAC pump motors suddenly failed. With countless residents and storefronts relying on this HVAC system, time was of the essence.

In less than one business day, we were able to provide and install a temporary pump, averting a potential crisis and ensuring the comfort and operation of everyone within the building.

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