Every plan includes:

Customized or guaranteed parts and labor agreements

Guaranteed priority/emergency response time for maintenance contract customers

Assigned lead technicians

24 hour/365 day service

Follow your systems online.

TUDI provides visibility into your existing HVAC equipment through our web-based Asset Tracking System – which tracks equipment repairs and replacements, service calls, work orders and invoices.This detailed data regarding your existing equipment can help you decide if you should repair, replace or improve your current HVAC systems.

Trusted by the best brands in business.

“My original first impression of TUDI was based on their efforts to support us before we had even agreed on a service contract. TUDI became aware of a critical interruption to our service and without being asked, prepared a plan on how they would support us, if called. Knowing we had a service contract in place that should have had us covered, regardless; they prepared to have us operational within hours of a call including staging additional resources and key equipment ready the next day. TUDI continues to exceed our expectations and as a team, impresses us at every level from Project Management, Budget Control, Order and Invoice Processing to real 24 hour service availability. We need more partners like TUDI because they recognize what it takes to keep businesses in business.”

Reduce costs, extend equipment life and improve efficiency with Tudi.

You can count on Tudi to keep your equipment working at peak performance. For hassle-free maintenance that saves time and money, contact Tudi today.

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