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Building owners and operators trust Tudi to specify and maintain their electrical systems for the best possible results. Tudi electricians have the experience and skill to identify electrical problems and spot potential weaknesses. We are able to identify loose connections that can cause high resistance, isolate loose parts that cause friction, and find blown fuses, overloads, phase imbalances, and harmonic problems. Specialized software allows us to track your inventoried assets and maintenance schedules.

We are also highly qualified to collaborate with architects and builders in designing an electrical system that allows for future upgrades. New construction, renovation, and expansion present opportunities to consider how to maximize electrical systems for greater efficiency and reduced energy use. Build-outs, office reconfigurations, and equipment relocation all require the kind of electrical expertise that Tudi offers.

Inadequately maintained systems are a leading cause of business interruption, poor energy efficiency, equipment wear-out and breakdown; all costly problems. Reduce the risk of an unscheduled electrical outage by 66% with an effective preventive maintenance program. A Tudi Custom Preventive Maintenance Program with Thermal Imaging will:

  • Prevent – failures
  • Predict – potential failures
  • Prescribe – cost effective solutions

By inspection of common equipment such as main switchgear, circuit breakers, disconnects, transformers and motor controllers, we can:

  • Reduce high utility costs by identifying loose connections causing high resistance
  • Extend the life of equipment by identifying worn parts causing friction
  • Identify blown fuses, overloads, phase imbalance and harmonic problems
  • Utilize software to track inventoried assets and progress on maintenance procedures

Other services:

  • Lighting audits and retrofits
  • Main service and panel upgrades
  • Replacements
    • Transformers
    • Disconnects
    • Motor controllers
  • Power runs for
    • Machinery
    • Equipment relocations
    • Upgrades
  • Build outs and office reconfigurations
  • New building projects

Tudi holds all required licenses and is experienced and knowledgeable about both new construction and renovations. By engaging Tudi as your project partner, you can reduce costs; because we are able to specify, design, install, and maintain all of a building’s mechanical systems, you and your clients will benefit from increased efficiencies.

Industrial, commercial, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities rely on complex electrical systems to operate. Even a seemingly small malfunction or defect can result in downtime, lost productivity, non-compliance, and extremely dangerous conditions. Expanding or updating your electrical service for enhanced safety and reliability may help to prevent wear and eventual breakdowns that can lead to unplanned outages.

Call 1-877-FOR-TUDI (367-8834) to learn more about design, installation and service for:


  •     Transformers
  •     Disconnects
  •     Motor controllers

Power runs for

  • Machinery
  • Equipment relocations
  • Upgrades

Main service and panel upgrades

Build outs and office reconfigurations

New building projects

Poorly maintained electrical systems can be hazardous and expensive. Slow or stopped production and high energy costs are detrimental to your bottom line, and dangerous electrical conditions are unacceptable in any workplace. Tudi electricians are experienced in identifying and correcting these barriers to safety and productivity, and we advocate preventive maintenance to ensure that your electrical service continues without interruption or catastrophe.

Tudi handles every aspect of electrical system evaluations and upgrades, and we do it in a cost-effective way with minimal effects on your operations. Our experts conduct site surveys and evaluations that include jobsite details, materials lists, and ROI calculations. We calculate your projected maintenance costs along with an estimate of your repair costs relative to replacement, and we present our findings and recommendations in a timely manner that can help you make solid decisions with confidence.

Many building managers are not aware of the ways in which a building’s systems can be optimized for maximum efficiency and minimal energy use. Our diversified experience means that we can spot inadequacies and inefficiencies that other contractors may not—and we can recommend, design, install, and maintain solutions to restore your facility to maximum productivity. From mechanical systems to structural layouts and workmanship, we can tell you exactly where you are saving or wasting money, and we can help you correct any shortcomings.

Power losses can have an enormous effect on your facility’s safety, productivity, and profitability. In the case of severe weather events, accidents, and other uncontrollable factors, your facility needs a secure, reliable power source to ensure productive operations and the safety of your personnel. Tudi can analyze your power use and recommend a generator or UPS system that will keep your building functioning in the event of utility failure.

Critical care facilities, production and warehouse facilities, and cable, telephone, and data providers all depend upon accurate infrared (IR) scanning to keep their electrical systems functioning safely and efficiently. Improper IR control can result in health and safety issues as well as downtime (and the lower productivity that comes with it). Insurance companies mandate IR scans for certain facilities, which means that precise measurement and control are non-negotiable. Tudi’s experts can ensure compliance with all regulations and insurance mandates by inspecting and scanning your electrical equipment at intervals that match your required schedules.

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