TUDI Mechanical wins “ABC HVAC Subcontractor of the Year” award

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. named their Merit Award winners on Saturday, April, 30th, 2011.  TUDI Mechanical recieved the HVAC Subcontractor of the year award for their work at the Sota Construction new office building.  TUDI installed geothermal in-floor radiant heat/cool flooring.

The Sota Construction Services new state of the art green corporate office is a registered USGBC, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, New Construction Project (LEED NC). TUDI Mechanical Systems, Inc. has enjoyed the privilege of partnering with Sota Construction Services on many new construction, renovation and energy projects.  It has been through the integrated design process that our company has been able to collaborate with many of their green projects, thus incorporating many renewable technologies such as solar, geothermal, micro-turbines and net-zero energy.

Due to the critical dew point control required for radiant cooling, much related attention was focused accordingly.  A complex tubing spacing design, temperature zoning, ventilation, humidity control and the use of natural building materials all created exciting challenges to completing the project.

Another key challenge was the application and programing of DDC automatic control system.  Key features included slab temperature monitoring, dew point control sensors, free cooling geothermal economizer control, air to air energy recovery ventilation control and the "red light-green light" natural ventilation monitoring system.

As with the unique and specialized technologies, the design and installation processes of this project afforded careful detailed and specialized coordination.  The building energy systems have proven extremely efficient.  It is estimated that along with the other high performance building systems, this building will only require 20% of the energy normally required of similar office facilities.

TUDI Mechanical Systems, Inc. is proud to have been part of this most prestigious and environmentally responsible project.  From inception, to design and construction, this extreme example of green construction, typifies all of the attributes of sustainable development and integrated processes.