TUDI Sells and Installs the High-Quality Products and Systems You'd Expect From a Leading Industrial Building Contractor

Depend on TUDI for great prices and excellent maintenance, repair, and install services.


When you're building or maintaining a high-priced business structure, the last thing you want to cut corners on is the equipment and installation involved in making the business operate efficiently and affordably.

That's why so many builders in the Pittsburgh area trust TUDI Mechanical Systems as their industrial contractor.

But beyond our quality, prices and workmanship, they also call us because we provide fast, courteous attention with a smile.

Put it all together, and that's the difference you'll enjoy when you call on a TUDI contractor to help you with any industrial building system needs, which include:

Roof top air conditioners

We'll identify and install the easy-to-maintain system that provides reliability and comfort for your commercial building for years to come. That includes energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® roof top air conditioners that help you control your structure's total energy costs.

Industrial boilers

Get the power and performance you need to keep your building's inhabitants comfortable and productive. A TUDI industrial contractor has the knowledge you need to install and recommend an industrial boiler system that is just right for your commercial or industrial facility.

Industrial chillers

Whether you need air-cooled or water-cooled industrial chillers, we have the training and on-site experience you need to recommend the chiller systems you need to support your facility specs today and well into the future.

Makeup air ventilation units

TUDI Mechanical has the knowledge to help you condition 100% outside air through various makeup air ventilation units (MAUs) using methods such as "once-through," "low flow" or "primary-secondary." Our industrial building experts know how to handle air, and how to keep air units running quietly and efficiently.

Industrial exhaust fan systems

Maybe you need to supply combustion air for burners or re-circulate air streams within or out of various areas. Whatever the need, TUDI contractors can outline the industrial exhaust fans and blowers that best suit your building, and expertly install and maintain them as well.

Building pressurization systems

Buildings need to be properly pressurized for human comfort, which often requires air to be compartmentalized into unique pressure zones. At the same time, building pressurization systems need to monitor and control the overall airflow leakage both within and outside the structure, and take into account normal wind conditions. As you can guess, structure height adds other variables into the mix. TUDI industrial building contractors can help you tackle the products and systems you'll need to effectively manage these many building pressurization issues.

Clean room air conditioning & filtration

Clean rooms require high levels of air purity while containing garbed personnel. These dual challenges make it essential that your HVAC contractor can ensure that the equipment used for clean room air conditioning and filtration are up to the task, including low noise and vibration levels. TUDI contractors are trained to attack the unique challenges of clean rooms, and provide the products needed for proper air conditioning and filtration in these fussy environments.

Industrial humidifier

Industrial buildings provide unique challenges when it comes to handling humidity. The amount of moisture and static electricity in the air is influenced by factors such as weather, carpeting, room space, equipment operation and even the number of people and plants in each room. TUDI building contractors are expert at measuring the footage and usage within industrial spaces, and installing industrial humidifier solutions that balance the comfort and control required to operate a business or manufacturing area effectively.

Heat pump system

Heating and cooling industrial spaces requires that your HVAC contractor knows which heat pump system will work best for your building and business requirements. TUDI has the brands and installation know-how to make sure your compression or absorption heat pump will power all of your heating and cooling needs effectively, ecologically and economically.

Tankless water heater

Also called combination or combi boilers, tankless water heaters heat water flowing through the device and don't retain any water internally. The main advantages are : long-term energy savings, unlimited and immediate hot water, less physical space requirements, and no risk of water damage due to tank failure or rupture. A tankless water heater may be just right for your industrial site, and TUDI is expert at installing these increasingly popular systems.

Industrial water heater

Whether your building is powered by gas or electric, we can identify and install the industrial water heater with the power and performance you need. With thousands of industrial installs in the Pittsburgh PA area, we enter your building already in the know and ready to go.

Geothermal heat pump systems

By taking advantage of the natural constant temperature of the earth, geothermal heat pump systems generate more energy and at a lower cost than other heat pump types. Because they enjoy higher efficiency and lower energy use, geothermal heat pumps are growing in popularity-and are part of the ever-expanding portfolio of industrial products and systems offered to you by TUDI Mechanical.