Heating Systems: Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, Installation

Tudi knows heating

Gas or Oil Furnaces, boilers, hybrid systems: we know our way around every type of heating system out there! We’ve worked on very old systems, and we’ve helped families select brand-new heating systems, too. A properly chosen and maintained heating system can—and should—last a very long while. If your home is unconformable, with hot and cold spots or high energy bills, we can help.

Our technicians can explain how the different types of systems work and what size you’ll need. We’ll detail your options in terms of comfort, price, and energy efficiency, and we can also set you up with the Tudi Home Comfort Plan to ensure that your new systems continues to work as well as it did at the beginning. We can even install a programmable thermostat that can lower your energy costs.

“Unit performed very well last winter which was very cold here.”—Robert, Coraopolis PA 15108

New & Existing Systems

If your existing furnace or boiler is still in good shape, we’ll help you keep it that way. Air conditioner and furnace repair, regular tune-ups, energy-efficient add-ons, and high-quality replacement parts will keep you toasty for many winters to come—and if you choose to enroll in the Tudi Home Comfort Plan, those tune-ups are free!

If you’re selecting a new furnace or boiler, we can help you determine what works for you needs. We’ll usually recommend Energy Star® systems, which can save you up to 30% on your utility bills and ensure that 95% of the fuel you buy actually converts to heating your home. Ask us about the energy rebates and tax credits you could earn.

“We’re all about cozy!”—Marilee Tudi

Hybrid heating—the next big thing

Combining a gas furnace with an electric heat pump provides the best year-round comfort: you get efficient, reliable heat in the winter and affordable air conditioning in the summer, all at a lower rate of energy use than you’d find with traditional systems. In fact, a hybrid system can reduce your costs by 25%.

“Not every contractor has the expertise to install or service a hybrid system. Tudi technicians receive highly specialized training on these complex combos.”—Marilee Tudi

Why Choose Tudi?

It’s simple: we’re experts at determining how to solve your heating challenges. Tudi offers a heating evaluation that provides an easy-to-understand operating cost analysis and information about the return on your heating investment. We recommend and install energy-efficient systems to meet any budget, and with approved credit, we offer financing that fits your needs. Tudi also provides same-same day emergency service, and—if you subscribe to the Tudi Home Comfort Plan—you receive 15% off any heating repair!

Finally, we respect your home and your family, and we never recommend changes or repairs that aren’t necessary. Our experienced technicians are fully insured and bonded, with all required registrations and certifications. And, of course, if you call Tudi, you never have to call another contractor again: we can service all of your home’s mechanical needs, from heating, air conditioning, and plumbing to electrical services.

“Very satisfied with the home furnace, air conditioner and the plumbing you did for me.”—Lois, West Mifflin PA 15122

Call us today to find out for free how Tudi can make your home a safer and more comfortable place!

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