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Q: I live in an older home and I’ve been having frequent problems with drainage through my sewer lines. What’s the best solution?

A: You may have a clog somewhere between your home’s piping and the main sewer line on your street. The problem could be more complex however.

Many of the older homes in the Pittsburgh region have terra-cotta clay sewer pipes. Although this piping has proven to be durable, shifting in the soil over time can cause the piping to sag and become brittle. Eventually, it starts to crumble. Clay piping is also most vulnerable at the joints, which can allow tree roots to penetrate.

Call us for an appointment so we can do a video inspection of your pipes to determine the exact nature of the blockage. Through our video scope, we’ll be able to evaluate the condition of your pipe, along with any bends, breaks, root intrusions, buildup or blockages.

Once we do this, we can discuss options for a permanent solution to this plumbing problem.