TUDI Mechanical Contractor Services Support All Your Commercial HVAC and Plumbing Repairs and Installations in PA.


Be part of TUDI’s commercial services in the greater Pittsburgh area.

As your commercial heating, cooling and plumbing systems age, they can lose efficiency and even break down-either of which costs you big money and headaches when operating a commercial building.

That’s why you need TUDI Mechanical Systems to maintain, repair and install your systems. Our highly experienced, licensed contractors provide free consultation to help you decide which system is best for you, and we guarantee quality results every time.

Our mechanical contractor services include:

Preventive Maintenance Plans

TUDI offers you preventive maintenance agreements to ensure your equipment is properly maintained throughout the year, resulting in decreased utility costs and increased unit longevity. Our agreements cover all types of equipment-including rooftop units, chillers, boilers, compressors, makeup air units-and minimize equipment failure, increase equipment life, lower energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.

  • Guaranteed parts and labor or customized agreements to meet your facility's specific needs
  • Guaranteed priority response time for maintenance contract customers
  • Assigned technicians
  • 24 hour / 365 day service

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Design Build

As a design build contractor, we can design a project either from drawings or an actual site visit, determining the air, heat and cooling systems requirements to support the plans. Once the systems have been reviewed and approved, TUDI mechanical contractors will acquire and install each item, making sure to take into account such details as operating noise, drafts, obstacles and space usage.

We'll work courteously and professionally with other trade workers during the overall construction of the site, and leave you with all drawings, reports, and warranties once the installation is complete.

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HVAC Services

Our team of engineers, designers and installers can help you achieve high performance buildings by selecting the systems that will maximize your investment. We overcome challenges such as budget restrictions, performance issues and comfort by recommending systems that are efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

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Plumbing Services

TUDI mechanical contractor services include plumbing support such as:

  • certified backflow-preventer inspections – download our brouchure
  • hydro-jetting maintenance – download our brouchure
  • video-camera sewer line inspections
  • general building plumbing maintenance
  • drain cleaning and leak inspection
  • fixture, faucet and commode replacements
  • water, sewer and gas line replacements
  • hot water tank and instantaneous hot water system installation

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Electrical Services

Inadequately maintained systems are a leading cause of business interruption, poor energy efficiency, equipment wear-out and breakdown; all costly problems. Reduce the risk of an unscheduled electrical outage by 66% with an effective preventive maintenance program. A Tudi Custom Preventive Maintenance Program with Thermal Imaging will:

  • Prevent – failures
  • Predict – potential failures
  • Prescribe – cost effective solutions

By inspection of common equipment such as main switchgear, circuit breakers, disconnects, transformers and motor controllers, we can:

  • Reduce high utility costs by identifying loose connections causing high resistance
  • Extend the life of equipment by identifying worn parts causing friction
  • Identify blown fuses, overloads, phase imbalance and harmonic problems
  • Utilize software to track inventoried assets and progress on maintenance procedures

Other services:

  • Lighting audits and retrofits
  • Main service and panel upgrades
  • Replacements
    • Transformers
    • Disconnects
    • Motor controllers
  • Power runs for
    • Machinery
    • Equipment relocations
    • Upgrades
  • Build outs and office reconfigurations
  • New building projects

Don't be in the dark about your electrical system. TUDI Mechanical Systems Full Service Commercial and Industrial Electrical can help shed some light. Contact us for more information.

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Energy Management / Controls

Controls are the foundation to managing a building's comfort and energy usage through the mechanical HVAC system. Our DDC systems are designed to be user friendly and to help building owners and facility managers achieve the desired temperature, humidity and ventilation necessary for comfort and efficiency.

Services include:

  • DDC system integration and maintenance
  • Single or multi-zone controls
  • Turn-key DDC systems
  • Lighting and other controls
  • LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project experience and recognition
  • Web-based oversight systems

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Indoor Air Quality Testing

TUDI offers extensive indoor air quality testing, benchmarking your building's performance against ASHRAE standards and other facilities of similar design and construction. Testing includes content analysis, ductwork reviews, ventilation support and much more. Following our examination, we will thoroughly review the findings with you, make recommendations as needed, and leave you with a copy of our report.

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Energy Usage Evaluation

Because a TUDI mechanical contractor is so well diversified in energy, HVAC and plumbing matters, we are an ideal resource for your business to employ for a complete energy usage evaluation. From mechanical systems to structural layouts and workmanship, we can tell you exactly where you are saving or wasting money. Better still, we can help you correct any shortcomings either through repair of existing equipment or installation of new, more efficient systems.

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Applied Systems

TUDI's Applied Systems department concentrates in specialized equipment and larger integrated systems such as centrifugal chillers, screw chillers, cooling towers, custom air handling units, de-humidification systems and heat recovery equipment. These larger HVAC systems can be found in institutional and educational facilities such as school and hospitals, or large high-rise office buildings.

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Asset Tracking

TUDI provides visibility into your existing HVAC equipment through a web-based Asset Tracking System that tracks equipment repairs and replacements, service calls, work orders and invoices. This detailed data regarding your existing equipment can help you decide if you should repair, replace or improve your current HVAC systems.

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