Free Lighting Audit from Tudi

The right lighting can make all the difference.

Study after study has shown that improper lighting can reduce productivity and pose alarming threats to health and safety. Inadequate lighting can contribute to falls, headaches, or missed details on the production line, and lighting is all-important in healthcare facilities as well. Over-lighting, too, can cause adverse physical effects—and the added load to your electrical use can hurt your bottom line, especially in a building that functions on a 24-hour schedule.

Tudi offers free audits of your facility’s electrical lighting design and installations. Our lighting and electrical experts will walk through your building with your building manager, safety personnel, or other person who knows every aspect of the system, and we will inspect and analyze the placement of lights and amount of illumination relative to the operational tasks performed in each area. Then, Tudi will provide a detailed report on the inspector’s findings, including photographs, descriptions of existing issues, and potential problems. We provide a list of cost-effective solutions that can increase safety and enhance reliability. We also include information on energy-saving upgrades and rebates when applicable.

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