Infrared Scanning by Tudi

Trust Tudi to manage your IR issues.

Critical care facilities, production and warehouse facilities, and cable, telephone, and data providers all depend upon accurate infrared (IR) scanning to keep their electrical systems functioning safely and efficiently. Improper control of IR radiation can result in health and safety issues as well as downtime (and the lower productivity that comes with it). Insurance companies mandate IR scans for certain facilities, which means that precise measurement and control are non-negotiable.

Tudi’s experts can ensure compliance with all regulations and insurance mandates by inspecting and scanning your electrical equipment at intervals that match your required schedules. Our technician will walk through your facility with a team member who knows every aspect of the electrical system, and we will create a report that details known and potential issues related to IR energy. We will present cost-effective solutions that can protect against catastrophic failure and reduce your insurance premiums while ensuring employee health and safety and optimal functioning of your electrical system.


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