Free Electrical Evaluations from Tudi

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

How safe is your building? Whether you own or manage an apartment complex, a skyscraper, a hospital, or an industrial or manufacturing facility, you depend upon safe, reliable electrical service for optimal productivity and satisfaction.

Tudi offers free evaluations to ensure that your building’s electrical system is operating at peak efficiency. Our expert electrician will tour the facility with one of your building’s experts and visually inspect all of the electrical equipment. Then, Tudi will provide a detailed report on the inspector’s findings, including photographs, descriptions of existing issues, and potential problems. We also provide a list of cost-effective solutions that can increase safety and enhance reliability.

The benefits are many: an electrical inspection will enable you to correct inefficiencies and inadequacies that can cause manufacturing downtime, operational sluggishness, and dangerous power outages.

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