Burn Report by Tudi


Achieve maximum efficiency with the Burn Report.

Running an industrial facility at maximum efficiency is a complex endeavor. Maintaining production schedules while avoiding breakdowns, slow operations, high energy costs, product defects, and safety issues is a challenge—and Tudi can help.

As experts in mechanical systems, Tudi engineers and technicians approach your building’s operations from a different perspective. We can analyze each system in relation to the others and balance our analysis with your operational issues, space constraints, and potential efficiency. We understand that the issues at your facility may have multiple causes, and we factor in the way your facility really works when determining its challenges and shortcomings. We also know that preventive maintenance is the best path toward operational efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Tudi’s Burn Report identifies where you’re burning your profit dollars. Our experts possess the technical know-how and application experience to determine opportunities for improvement. We’ll talk with your operations personnel, safety officers, and production managers to identify suboptimal aspects of your mechanical systems as well as potential compliance issues. We’ll calculate your potential losses and recommend upgrades or changes, including the latest technology. Your individualized report will include any tax incentives, rebates, or funding you may qualify for to help offset your projects costs along with a calculated ROI for the recommendations we present.

Every Burn Report is customized to reflect our recommendations for each customer’s facility. Your report may include any or all of the following:

  • Preventive maintenance recommendations to…
    • avoid breakdowns and operational downtime
    • extend your equipment’s useful life
    • improve indoor air quality
    • conserve energy and reduce utility costs
    • increase comfort
  • Detailed indoor air quality reports
  • Certified Energy Star consulting service recommendations to increase your building’s efficiency by improving your Energy Star compliance. Improvements may include system engineering and turnkey installations.

If Tudi services your facility, you may also receive:

  • A service history and a breakdown of costs for each HVAC system in your building, including refrigerant use and recovery
  • A dedicated single contact at Tudi to ensure continuity and consistency
  • 24/7 emergency service and preferred labor rates

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