Building Plan Review: Go Green with Tudi


Going green is not just a fad—it is increasingly becoming the standard for building projects and manufacturing operations in many sectors. Ecologically sound practices result in a cleaner environment, reduced energy use, and sustainable operations. In many cases, going green can increase the availability of grants, tax rebates, and other financial incentives that can offset the cost of adapting to the green design concept. Green design can also lower your capital expenditures and operating costs while attracting and retaining more tenants. The result is a building that is worth more money.

Not every builder, building manager, or project manager is aware of the many options that exist in the field of green design. As a result, many abandon the concept because they perceive it as being too expensive. But geothermal, solar, microturbine, and energy recovery solutions—along LEED and Energy Star initiatives—can make green design economically viable for nearly any project.

For developers who wish to explore the advantages of going green, Tudi offers the Green Money Report. With this free service, our green design and operations experts work with you to determine opportunities to make your building project more environmentally friendly, and we also take into account your strategic business requirements. Your preferred building schedules, the optimal number of tenants, and the goals of your equity stakeholders all help us to determine the best life-cycle cost for your project.

Tudi’s Green Money Report includes financial information that can affect your costs—your carbon footprint, projected operating costs, potential utility rebates, grants, and tax incentives that may save millions over the life-cycle of the building. The result is a more comfortable and marketable building with reduced energy and maintenance costs.

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