Announcing the TUDI Home Comfort Plan

TUDI is proud to announce the redevelopment of our energy saving Home Comfort Plan.  Formally called the TUDI Service Plan, this new product provides greater discounts on repairs, plumbing services and adds a new and exciting feature called “Loyalty Credits” which rewards customers $50 in credits for each year they’re a Home Comfort Plan customer.  These credits can be used toward the purchase of a new heating and cooling system.

As with the old plan, the major focus is keeping your heating and cooling systems operating at peak efficiency through bi-annual precision and safety tune-ups.  Another added feature of the plan is the ability to choose between two levels of service designed to meet the needs of your current system and budget.

Changes in the plan were developed over the course of one year, and were greatly influenced by the needs and requests of TUDI customers.  Click here to learn more about the new Home Comfort Plan.