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September 2, 2016

Advantages Of Thermoelectric Systems In Heating And Cooling

Thermoelectric systems are based on the scientific phenomena called the Peltier Effect. According to this phenomenon a temperature gradient is set up when an electric current is passed through the junctions of two conductors. Due to this effect heat is deposited in one junction and cooling occurs in the other junction. Thermoelectric systems are mainly […]

October 29, 2015

DIY HVAC Inspection Tips – Slideshow

While having a Pittsburgh HVAC technician a phone call away is always wise, there are still some do-it-yourself options available to make sure your home’s furnace and air conditioning unit are performing up to par. Follow along as our team of professional technicians walks you through the steps to identify and repair sources of energy-wasting […]

March 6, 2014

15th Annual Heat for the Needy Program

The 15th Annual Heat for the Needy program came just in time this year, with an unusually cold Winter. Read more about it here

May 31, 2013

Our Award-Winning Tech

Some of you already know Frank Iozzo because he’s your “go-to guy” for equipment maintenance…

Ask the Expert

I would like to add central air conditioning to my home but I don’t want the expense of adding ductwork to support it. What can I do?

Older Systems Cost You Money!

If your heating or cooling equipment is more than 12 years old, you’re probably spending more money than necessary to stay comfortable…

Lower the Cost of Comfort

If your heating or cooling equipment is showing its age, now is the perfect time to talk with us about upgrading. We can provide you with many options…

April 2, 2013

Don’t Sweat Another Long, Hot Summer

Need help getting your building through the dog days of summer without making a big investment in a new HVAC unit? Talk to Tudi. If you have problems, we have solutions. We now offer weekly and monthly leasing plans for portable coolers, which are ideal for eliminating hot spots and other temperature control problems. We […]

Prevent A Water Shut-off. Call Tudi!

Every year, an inspection of the backflow preventer at your business is required. If you fail to comply, the water authority has the right to shut off your water supply. Save yourself from a potential water shut-off and call us to schedule your inspection. Everything from snow melt, heavy rains and debris can overburden the […]

How Much Money Will You Lose When the Power Goes Out?

Every year it seems like we have to cope with devastating storms that knock out power to millions of homes and businesses. And once your power goes off, you never know just how long it will be before you get it back. If this is the “new normal,” it’s time to take action to protect […]

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