The History of TUDI Mechanical Systems

About TUDI

Bob Tudi founded his company in 1987 with $4,000 and a pickup truck.

From the beginning, Bob leaned on technology, employee perks and management incentives to grow sales, as well as employee and customer satisfaction. His contractors use the latest hand-held devices to submit paperwork immediately from the field. And GPS-enabled trucks that let dispatchers speed response times and better coordinate assignments.

Bob has a long established open-book policy that lets his staff see financial data to help drive company actions and buy-in, and all employees participate in profit sharing.

By concentrating on the customers’ needs, and continually working at how to work smarter and faster while training and retaining the best employees in the business, Bob could write a book on how to build a company and customer base right from the ground up.

Starting with modest means and fueled by some big dreams, Bob has grown TUDI Mechanical Systems into the premier HVAC and plumbing contractor in the Pittsburgh, PA, area.

Along the way, he also re-created his success in Tampa, FL. Learn more about his Tampa heating, air conditioning, plumbing HVAC contractors business.