25 years of service and comfort

25 years of service and comfort

Dear friends,

We’re celebrating our 25th year in business in 2012! It’s gratifying for me to look back and see how far we’ve come and how many customers we’ve helped since I started this business — with just $4,000 in start-up cash, a pickup truck and one employee (me!).

Much has changed since I entered the home of Tudi’s fi rst customer. For instance, the refrigerants used in today’s air conditioning systems are much safer for the environment. (See related article on page 3.) And advances in technology have made air conditioning and heating equipment much more energy efficient. (Read about one of these systems on page 4.)

One thing that has not changed since the day I started this business is our unwavering commitment to providing excellent service, and keeping each and every one of our customers comfortable all year-round. Much of the credit for our success goes to our hard-working employees. Because of them, we have been named The Top Workplace and Best Workplace for Business Ethics by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Best Contractor to Work For by Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News.

Of course, we couldn’t have reached our 25th anniversary without the loyalty and support of our customers, and we thank you for that. As we roll into summer, you can count on Tudi to be there for you, on the hottest days and every day — just as we have been for the last 25 years.


Bob Tudi